Why Acai Berry is not in the Supermarket?

Acai Berries are grown in the Amazon rainforest and if you will look for this tiny grape-like fruits in your local supermarket then it is quite obvious that you will not find them and especially fresh. In fact there are number of endorsements made by famous Hollywood superstars like Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt and Rachel Ray during one of their movies named as ‘Burn after Reading’ for this amazing fruit, but there is still only one real source to invest in this nutrient which is online, if you are not the native people of the place where acai berry is grown.

Another problem that stems with the acai berry is its rapid generation. From the time acai berry is harvested within 24 hours acai berry loses its potency to its numerous nutrients and becomes less effective. So, unless you not live around or near Brazil, experiencing or eating Acai berry is next to impossible. But with the advancement in flash freezing, the acai berry can now be preserved for a long time and can easily converted to supplements, purees, powders and juices but yet accessing acai berry is very difficult from most of the parts of the world. Also it’s increased processing makes its price so high that by the time it reaches to the peoples it becomes very expensive. So, the only way by which user can easily access this fruit is by buying it online.

If you search about this nutrient in Google, then you may find number of reputed sources for this fruit, who will happily ship acai berry juices/supplements and other products to anywhere in the world. But the thing that you need to look about this product is its quality when you are searching and for this first you need to look how this acai berry has processed. If it has gone through any other process other than flash freezing then don’t buy it because other processes can potentially degrade the quality of acai berry.

One acai berry product that we would like to recommend is Pure Acai Berry, which is 100% pure and is made from the original unaltered acai berry. This product is the most potent acai berry product which contains round about 1500mg of acai berry per serving. However the most notable element of this supplement is its credentials and backing –

  • Effective from the first day of consumption.
  • Certificates of purity and analysis.
  • Powerful anti-oxidants support – highest ORAC rating.
  • Quality assured product which is produced in CGMP facilities.

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