Acai Berry Warning Issued By Better Business Bureau Agency

There would be fewer souls around the world who might have not heard about Acai Berry (pronounced as AH-sci-EE). This fruit of Brazil has been in the limelight all across the globe, be it in the Oprah, morning shows, magazines, newspapers etc as the best health product and anti oxidant available in the market lately. There are several advertisements being aired everywhere like Acai for Weight Loss, Acai for Sexual Dysfunction, Fight Cancer with Acai Berry, Free Trial Acai Berry which cost a lot of money and it can leave people on the hold for many hours in an attempt to stop more charges.

Compared to five hundred thousand dollars past year, the annual sales of Acai Berry has exceeded $15 million. The growing sale of Acai Berry is causing a lot of doubt and concern because never ever has been a situation when the sale of a particular product is so much in demand. So, David Schardt who is a Senior Nutritionist of Center for Science in the Public Interest has issued Acai Berry warning on the questionable online sale of this fruit. He along with Richard Blumenthal who is an Attorney General of Connecticut has issued warnings over the credit card schemes that are made from this berry fruit. They further said that the ads are so rampant and widespread that something official has to be done about it. The people are selling this fruit as a health supplement with most number of anti oxidants which is probably not true.

Moreover the number of scam complaints is on the rise where the customers are duped by the online sellers who mix artificial fillers instead of the ingredients that the Acai berry is made up of. So, the Acai Berry warning is being aired not to purchase this health product from unnamed sources but from the official website. Schardt will discuss with CSPI and Blumenthal regarding how to make the purchase safe online and deal with those sites that scams the customers with fillers instead of the actual fruit. People should not sign up for the free trial offers that is being advertised on websites because first of all there is no guarantee that weight loss and health benefits would be attained from the product or not and secondly people are asking for financial trouble if they deal with such companies.

Acai Berry Warning of Better Business Bureau

The 14 days free trial of this fruit product claiming that it is being endorsed by the famous celebrities is too good to be true. They have further said that the consumers should beware of the marketing of this product because not only are they misleading but several complaints have been lodged by the people regarding its online sale. Recently there was a scheme launched called “Negative Option” that showed about the product being endorsed by famous people like Rachael Ray, Oprah Winfrey and many more. Once people apply for the free trail, they are being charged for the product from the following month until they cancel it. This bureau would start taking legal actions of those companies who are using misleading sales and corrupt marketing practices to sell Acai Berry to the people which is nothing but filled with artificial fillers.

There are two companies called FX Supplements and Better Business Bureau who have been issued Acai Berry warning by Better Business Bureau. They offer Acai Berry Maxx product for a risk free trial of 14 days after paying for the shipping and handling costs. If the subscription of the trail period is not cancelled, then the consumer would be sent additional bottles billed at $85.90. There have been many complaints from Texas where people say that it is not possible to cancel the subscription easily because the company cannot be intimated either through phone calls or via emails. Many people had to close their bank account and cancel their credit cards due to this.

Once people apply for the free trial, it is extremely difficult to cancel the subscription of Acai berry which is delivered every month. There are many companies that are taking this path to lure the consumers for free trials of this health product and then extract hundreds of dollars from them. The endorsements are so much misleading that many of the lawyers of the celebrities have sued such online companies. People should read this Acai Berry warning that Oprah Winfrey has not solicited any of the Acai berry products that is available in the market at present. Customers are buying the products under the impression that it is being approved by so and so famous personality and hence there is no harm in using it; which is not exactly the case.

People willing to buy this health supplement should first of all check the reliability report of that online company before making the purchase. So next time you make the purchase, make sure that you read the find prints of it so that you get the best product and does not get scammed by the online companies.

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