The Best Natures Gift – Acai Berry

What is Acai?
Primarily found in the rainforests of Brazil, acai berries have been used for centuries for medicinal purposes by the tribal peoples. It can easily be recognized by its deep purple color and its shape which is quite similar to the grapes and constitute about 10% of skin and pulp and 90% of seeds. As the amount of pulp which is to be retrieved from each berry is very less so, it is quite understandable why this fruit need to be harvested carefully. If you wish to eat this fruit then this could be a very enlightening experience as this fruit offers amazing mixture of flavors which resembles with numerous fruits and hint of chocolate.

History of Acai Berry
With Acai berries recent media appearance on news like CBS, ABC and NBC, it is considered to be the latest dietary mad which is to be hit in the market. But the properties of acai berry have been utilized by many people from the long before this date. Acai berry has been playing as an integral part of Brazilian herbal medicine from centuries. Some of its uses are –

  • Acai berries oil – Used to treat diarrhea from long time.
  • Peel of the fruit – Used to treat skin ulcers.
  • Seeds – Crushed seeds of Acai berry was believed to cure fever in Peruvian Amazon.
  • Infused roots – Used primarily to treat jaundice, diabetes, jaundice, kidney and lever diseases, hair loss, menstrual and muscle pain etc.

In fact in certain parts of Columbia Acai berries are used in beverages, desserts, energy drinks and even as a breakfast cereals which is known as ‘Naiad’ there. In truth acai berry is the most nutritious and dense berry of the market which offers and keeps several consumer promises like in –

  • Immediate and fast weight loss.
  • Increasing libido.
  • Increasing stamina and energy level.
  • Protection against aging and inflammation.
  • Boosts immunity and protection against diabetes, Alzheimer’s and heart diseases.

Acai Berry in diet
It is very easy to say why acai berry is proclaimed as a new weight loss fad because it is rich in fibers, antioxidants, vitamins, omega fatty acids and amino acids. Researches on this amazing and exotic fruits have discovered many such key ingredients which can contribute a lot in suppressing appetite and increase in metabolism which offers increased muscle definition and its toning and all the tools essentially help you to experience long lasting successful weight loss.

Acai Berry as a product
As a product Pure Acai Berry are 100% pure (not an extract) which is the most potent fruit in the market and offering 1500mg of acai berry per serving including –

  • Immediate fast weight loss from the day 1.
  • Assured quality as produced in CGMP facilities.
  • Certificate of purity and analysis.
  • Powerful antioxidant support and highest ORAC rating.

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