Juice versus Capsule: Which One's Better?

Acai berry is the most nutritious fruit which can be taken either in the form of smoothies, juices or capsules. Acai berries have lot of healthy benefits but there is a debate that how acai berry helps to have a healthier body.

There are several benefits of acai berry:

  • Acai berry contains antioxidants, essential fatty acids (omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids) and other essential nutrients which help to fight against several diseases.
  • Acai berry removes harmful toxins from the body and boost immune system.
  • Acai berry contains vitamins and minerals which improves body stamina and energy.
  • Acai berry increases body metabolism and helps in weight loss.

There is always a debate regarding whether acai juice or capsule is better. Both acai juice and acai capsules are obtained from acai berry through some process but juice offers more flexibility than capsules. There are varieties of beverages which are made with acai berry and acai juice can also be combined with other juice for different flavors. Acai juice contains same goodness as pure acai berry and its quality remain unchanged. However, acai capsules go through a complex process which may change some of its quality. It is also true that capsules are the easiest way to take the benefits of acai berry without having to drink the juice or eat the berry.

However, it also depends on personal choice. Those who don’t like juice, they will not choose the juice and those who don’t like capsules; they will not prefer it in the form of capsules. So, the basic thing is to understand the benefits you are receiving from it as both of them have some merits and demerits.

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