Why use freeze dried acai berry?

Acai berry is one of the most nutritious fruit known to exist on this earth that is full of antioxidants and other nutritional qualities. It is cultivated in the rain forests of Amazon basin. Unfortunately, pure acai berries have very short shell life and it is highly perishable fruit. This results in its degradation if not consumed within 24 hours, once hand picked. Since, it is only cultivated in the rain forests, it has to be exported to almost every foreign countries keeping in view the great demand for this super food. Freeze dried acai berry can be easily transported in order to maintain its refreshing taste and preventing it from getting spoiled. .

Pure acai berries undergoes manufacturing process of freeze drying to preserve the freshness and nutritional qualities that makes it suitable for use even after extended period of time. The pure acai berry fruit can be easily freeze dried, spray dried or shipped frozen in order to be exported to rest of the world. Among the above mentioned options, the freeze dried acai berry is considered as the best one. Although the process is expensive, the quality of fruit is preserved to a great extent without any degradation or losing enzymes present within them.

Some of the benefits of using freeze dried acai berry are

  • it helps in the preservation of natural taste and unique flavor that acai berry is known for.
  • It helps in the preservation of almost 3500 ORAC units as compared to other acai berry supplements.
  • The nutrient present in the food is conserved and can be used even after 12 to 18 months.