Some Amazing Facts on Acai Berry

Acai berry has become the most popular recently due to the coverage of media, internet and health magazines. But still everyone is not familiar with the health benefits of the acai berry fruit as they believe it is not safe to use it. Believe me it is just a myth !

The facts on acai berry fruit is discussed below which will clear all the myths surrounding it as:

  1. Acai berry is the most powerful fruit - it is well known that acai berry is a wonderful fruit with lots of essential nutrients in it. It has 30 times more resveratol as compared to red wine, has almost double amount of antioxidants as compared to pomegranate and is 50 times more effective than mango in fighting cancer.
  2. Acai berry cleanses the body- it acts as a natural cleanser by getting rid of harmful toxins which are present in the body. It helps in weight loss and prevents ageing by providing healthier looking skin.
  3. Acai berry is natural- acai berry fruit is naturally grown in tropical rain forest of Amazon basin.
  4. Acai berry in its purest form provides fast results- Pure Acai Berry Max contain acai berry extract in freeze dried form. It is most pure and natural form without any additives. The product has a recommended high dose of 1500 mg per serving which provides maximum benefits of the acai fruit.
  5. Avoid free trial version- unlike many other products Acai Berry Max should not be availed as a free trial offer as they are nothing more than a scam. A customer receives a full 6 months of supply with complete satisfaction and secure mode of payment option.
  6. Privacy and secrecy is maintained- if you are interested in using Acai Berry Max health supplement for reducing your weight, then you need not worry about its secrecy. The suppliers keep your identity secret and hence your privacy is maintained.

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