Dodgy Free Trial Dealers

Free trial offers are in fashion these days, offering consumer a product for a month instead of huge some of money looks too good to be true and unfortunately it is. Despite of the continuous warning given to the consumer that not to try free acai berry trials and always to read the small prints supposed to be going in the wrong direction. It is because there are still number of customers who have been falsely charged for the product which are not good and they do not want them.

Let’s take a recent case of Central Coast Nutraceuticals Inc. where advertising ‘free trial’ for an Acai Berry product with other health products an individual has been cheated. When he tried to cancel the registration, the manufacturer did not cancel it; instead he was continued to charge for months for the product which he didn’t want.

What was the CNN case?
The accused of shipping with charge of charging consumer falsely for the product without delivering it the case of CNN was triggered when 100’s of dissatisfied customers had complained the Attorney General Terry Goddard’s office. During enquiry it was discovered that CNN had hided the reference of their re-billing and bonus products policies in small prints which made the consumer impossible to see and catch. Worsen than this CNN also did not handled the consumers complaints as they did not responded any mail or phone calls and left customer un-answered. This disregard of CNN for their customers needs no proof that they actively seeking to mislead their customer with these trials.

Free Trial Dilemma
Like the case of CNN there are hundred’s of such cases occurred as a result of free trials across the world with many brands, hoodia’s, fat binders and other health supplements. But despite of that people use these free and reduced trail offers round the world for a long time. The only problem that occurs with these free trials is it misleads the consumer without informing them about the consequences of the order of problems and way to cancel them.

Quality Acai Berry Products
You should understand from this CNN case that acai berry is not blame and its weight loss benefits should not be overlooked. In truth there are hundred of acai berry products online like Pure Acai Berry which do not endorse ‘free product trials’ rather focuses on offering quality product to the customer. Made from the 100% pure and unaltered acai berries Pure Acai Berry is not the cheapest product in the market but with its cist consumer can experience the confidence of what acai berry can do as a product.

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