Acai Berry Nutrition Information

If you are interested to know the facts about Acai berry nutrition then you are probably at the right place as this site will provide you the important facts and information. Acai berry has been referred as “Super food” as it is loaded with nutritional benefits that are important for good health. The Acai berry that is darker in color is considered better as it contains more nutrition. It indicates the presence of high amount of anti-oxidants and fibers.

Do you know why antioxidants are important for your body? Well, antioxidants are good for eliminating toxins present in the cells. If toxins are not eliminated soon, it may infect the blood cells present within your body and hinders the formation of new blood cells. Antioxidants are also important for digestion and regulating bowel movement in the body.

Acai berry nutrition is not just limited to the anti-oxidants and fiber content but it is also loaded with nutrients such as amino acids, fatty acids and carbohydrate that are considered vital for increasing the metabolic rate. Acai berry is a rich source of omega fatty acids- omega-3,-6 and -9. It is considered good for providing energy and endurance to the body. Omega fatty acids 3 and 6 are essential fatty acids that are not produced in the body and have to be taken from external sources. Fortunately, Acai berry is a rich source of it. Fatty acids are good for cardiovascular health as it reduces the amount of cholesterol present in the blood vessels.

Some of the nutritional benefits of Acai berry are

  • It is highly nutritious because it contains vitamins, amino-acids, omega-acids and several other minerals in rich amount.
  • It has rich anti-oxidants which help in removing toxins present in intestinal tract.
  • It can be used to cleanse colon.
  • It helps in removing free radicals.
  • It has high fiber content that promotes bowel movement.
  • It is highly energetic and can be used as various supplements.

So, really acai berry is full of nutrition and one can have it to enjoy its various nutritional benefits.