Is Acai Berry Free Trial a Scam?

Are you looking for acai berry free trial offers? Then you need to be careful as there are several companies online that claim to offer acai berry as free trial. But free trial is not a good option as companies offering it are simply scams. It is a gimmick to attract customers for extracting money. The trial is not absolutely free as the name suggests, instead such companies charge subscription fee that gets deducted through the credit card of the customer. Unknowingly the customer is charged per month as a membership amount which is difficult to cancel and the customer feels cheated.

One should not trust on every company that offers acai berry. Moreover, you cannot be sure about the purity and quality of acai berries that is packed in the container. It is possible that such fake companies may cheat you by providing acai berries of inferior or poor quality. One thing is certain that genuine companies would never offer free trial of acai berry as acai berries are costly. Pure acai berries are grown in the Amazon rain forests and has to be processed quickly as it is highly perishable in nature. If you are interested in availing the goodness of this product, you have to pay for it. The manufacturers are confident about the purity of acai berries and know customers will buy without worrying about the cost.


So it is important to get full information regarding the credentials of that company before ordering acai berry products. It is best to avoid acai berry free trial offers. Always buy pure acai berries from its official website that covers guarantee of the product with a proper contact number and an address. The customer should read the terms and conditions which are there with the product carefully before ordering it.