Acai berry vs Goji berry- Which is Better?

There are several similarities between acai berry and goji berry and there has been research and studies conducted to compare acai berry Vs goji berry to find out which one is better among the two. Unfortunately, there is no scientific evidence to prove this fact. Lets briefly discuss about these two berries. Acai berries are native to the rain forests of the Amazon Basin where as goji berries are grown in the Himalayan mountain range of Tibet and China. Goji berries are green in color and slightly bigger as compared to acai berries. It is also referred as “Wolf berry”.

In recent years these berries have received media hype and has been referred as “super fruit” owing to their high nutritional values. Acai berries are rich in omega fatty acids, fibers, proteins, phytosterols and various essential vitamins and minerals. If the nutritional content of goji berries are considered, it is also rich in antioxidants, micro as well as macro-nutrients. However they differed in the amount of antioxidants present when acai berry Vs goji berry were compared. ORAC or Oxygen radical absorbance capacity when measured the level of antioxidants between these two berries, it was found that acai berry was little better. It exceeded the figure of over 102.000 units where as goji berries had only 30, 000 units.

The abundance of antioxidants makes these berries highly popular throughout the world. Antioxidants helps in removing toxins and free radicals present in the body. It makes the immune system better to fight various diseases as well as helps in the weight loss. The acai berry helps in boosting the energy level as it increases the rate of metabolism several times. Where as goji berries plays a role in boosting the immune system of the body which resists several diseases.

However, it is difficult to preserve the nutritional value of acai berries for long and it has to be freeze dried for transportation to other parts of the world. Whereas goji berries can easily be preserved. Thus after comparing acai berry Vs goji berry it can be concluded that both of them constitutes a good supplement but acai berry is slightly better due to high antioxidant content than goji berries.