Acai Berry Vs Blue Berry: Which is better?

Acai berry and blue berry share a common origin and belong to the same 'berry' family and have more or less similar health benefits too. This article briefly explains the comparison between acai berry vs blue berry for deciding which one is better alternative. Acai berry is the native fruit of amazon rain forest that is dark or blackish in color. It has been cultivated over there since decades and is the secret of their good health. Blue berries are dark purple colored berries due to high content of anthocyanin pigment, naturally grown in North America and Europe.

Acai berry has been in great demand owing to its anti-oxidant and high nutritional values. The darker is the color of acai berries, higher is the antioxidants content. This is the reason why they are regarded as better as compared to other acai berries. Antioxidant nature of the acai berries helps in flushing out harmful toxins and free radicals present in the body. Acai berry is also rich in fibers, proteins and fatty acids such as Omega 6 and 9. while on the other hand, blue berries also have antioxidant properties but it is slightly less as compared to acai berries. When acai berry vs blue berry was compared by the standardized oxygen radical absorbance capacity (ORAC) it was found that pure dry acai berry had 10% more antioxidant content as found in blue berries.

Acai berries can be used for improving metabolism of the body and to overcome fatigue. It also helps in fighting various diseases and keeps you fit. Studies suggest that acai berry has a role in reducing the risks of cardiovascular disorder and fights carcinogenic factors. Where as anthocyanin pigment present in blue berry prevents cells from getting damaged and helps in repairing worn out tissues. Thus it can be concluded from the above comparison among acai berry vs blue berry that both have health benefits and can be used. However acai berry is slightly better than blue berry as it has rich antioxidants present in it.